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By December 21, 2010 25 Comments

Elf on a Shelf…..what is it? A Christmas Tradition!

I personaly believe that family traditions are SOO IMPORTANT…so that’s why I fell in love with the Elf on the Shelf book set. I’ll be honest, I knew NOTHING about this book nor the elf until I went on a shoot for a local family and their kids were telling me ALLLL about it. They were so excited for the elf to come and immediatelyafter hearing the excitment in their voices- I was hooked. I went home Googled it and had it purchased by the end of the day. The day it arrived, I couldn’t wait to open it-I may have been more excited than Mallory….and we sat in the middle of the living room reading the story. She was so excited that she immediatly began plotting the spots she would set him for the upcoming days.

So you’re thinking…what’s the point? Well….Inside the book set you will find an antique-style Elf (which you get to name), formed to sit on a shelf or perch in your house, as well as a book that explains what the Elf is for. He has an important job. This Elf is assigned to watch over your family and report back to Santa each night about who has been naughty or nice that day. By morning he’s back but he’s in a different place in the house for a daily hide-and-seek ritual. I’m telling you, Greg and I have more fun with it than I think Mallory does and she gets up every morning with the burning question…”Where do you think the elf is today?” Our elf Fisbee is a little shenanigan! He’s always up to something!

So of course I’m documenting all the hiding spots our little elf-whose name is Frisbee (he goes and comes back in the morning-get it..hahah). I’m trying to convince Mallory to change his name to Elfis Presley…but she ain’t having it! If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen a few of these already posted. I would share them from night to night….BUT there are some behind the scene photos that I haven’t shared yet. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

PS: YES…I do think the elf is kinda creepy looking…but it’s an elf…cut him a break!

And if you have 7 minutes to burn, here is a little video I recorded of Mallory last night while she "read" the Elf on the Shelf to her elf Frisbee. And when I say "reading", it means she was looking at the pictures and describing them in her own words. Tee he he...ahh, to be 6 again! :-)

I hope at the very least they make you smile....and I hope Mallory remembers this into HER adult life and carries on the tradition with her kids. :-)

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