he’s baaaaack!!!!

It’s become a tradition in our house that Mallory LOOVES! She wakes up every morning before school to scurry down the steps to find out what Fribsee has gotten into that night. Greg and I really enjoy seeing her excited and she goes to school and tells all of her friends what he’s been up to! Since we’ve had him a few years now, I’ve seen so many of my images popping up on Pintrest-the one photo of  Frisbee and the Barbie car has been shared thousands of times!! Some of my brides are emailing me saying “hey your elf is on the “popular” category on Pintrest! haha! Even a few articles were linked back to my original post from 2010. Check them out here:




If you are one of the few who doesn’t have a clue who “Elf on the Shelf ” is…..Paaaa-lease take a minute to read about the tradition. It’s so cute and it makes for some awesome holiday memories. Mallory looks forward to every morning just to find out what Frisbee did the night before!
I’m happy to say….He’s baaaaack!!! I’m so excited to see what shenanigans he gets into THIS year….because this year he has a co-conspirator! tee he he!

Here are a few from years past……. in no particular order!

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  • […] that’s not teaching the kids to ‘behave’?” ….WELL…….our elf is PERFECT for our family. We joke, play pranks and don’t take life to seriously….so Fribee fits in perfectly […]

  • nancyeileenDecember 7, 2012 - 2:07 pm

    Im really enjoying your site.
    On a bummer of a day, you’ve sure cheered me up.
    thanks a heap 🙂

  • jen mckenDecember 7, 2012 - 3:50 pm

    thank you so much Nancy!! 🙂


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