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Hello & Welcome!

I’m told my images are personable, genuine, clean + colorful, sentimental and fun! That's my jam! If that’s what you’re looking for….we’re going to get along JUST fine!

I’d like to think that parts of who I am and my personality are scattered all throughout my website (and the images I create) but if you want to get to know me even more, come find me on Instagram! I share behind the scenes of my crazy/real life on my personal instagram and you can see more pretty photography stuff on my business instagram. Either way-come say hi!

Hello, I’m Jen McKen and I’m an Instagram (and watermelon) addict. *sits down*

(T + MR images by bomb diggity jon blanchard)

If you want to learn more about "my WHY" click *here*. Just be prepared-it's a long one!

I'm a down to earth, people loving, small town gal. I am a leeetle bit sarcastic, HUGELY sentimental, and I like to think that I’m damn good at my job! I’m organized to a fault, being late is my pet peeve and I believe chocolate and duct tape fix EVERYTHING! I love watermelon and I’m a bigger Instagram geek than you can possibly fathom.  I’m super easy to get along with, I'm approachable and I've been told a time or two that have a pretty kiss ass sense of humor. I prefer Converse over heels, I love the smell of coconut and suntan lotion, I’m always up for a road trip AND I will never NEVER turn down a taco!

I photograph people ALL OVER THE WORLD who don’t take life TOO seriously, who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves and value preserving life’s big AND little moments.

If you’re looking for a photographer who uses lots of props, trendy effects/filters or fairy overlays….I’m NOT your gal. If you expect every strand of hair to be exactly in place, for you to be looking at the camera and smiling for every shot or for everything to be “perfect”…I’m NOT your gal. I document REAL life and in real life-nothing is perfect! I prefer to find beauty in the not-so-perfect scenarios!

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