Just the idea of planning family photos stresses you out. You worry that the kids (and the husband) won’t behave long enough to get just one good photo. The thought of coordinating family outfits makes you want to drink wine, that voice tells you you’re not thin/pretty/worthy enough, you perpetually hide from everyone’s  camera and you aren’t *IN* any photos because you’re the one always taking them.  I got you! I’m a mom, I TOTALLY understand and I myself struggle with that same dialog. But I’m here to have a come to jesus talk with you…..

NO MORE EXCUSES: On a serious note, stop waiting to lose that last 10 pounds, I promise your children won’t care. Be *IN* photos- exist!! These images aren’t for you, they are for them. You owe it to them to be in and exist in images. In 30 years, what will you want to remember? 

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