Hi-ya!!! I’m jen mcken! <insert really fast hand wave>

……a down to earth, people loving, small town gal. I am a leeetle bit sarcastic, HUGELY sentimental, I have a killer sense of humor and I’m damn good at my job! I’m organized to a fault, being late is my pet peeve and I believe chocolate and duct tape fix EVERYTHING!  I photograph people ALL OVER THE WORLD who don’t take life TOO seriously, who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves and value preserving life’s big AND little moments.

If you’re looking for a photographer who uses lots of props, trendy effects/filters or fairy overlays….I’m NOT your gal. If you expect every strand of hair to be exactly in place, for you to be looking at the camera and smiling for every shot or for everything to be “perfect”…I’m NOT your gal. I document REAL life and in real life-nothing is perfect! I prefer to find beauty in the not-so-perfect scenarios! I capture images full of fun, rich in sentiment and abundant with authenticity-that’s my jam

I like to think that there are parts of who I am and my personality scattered all through my website, but……you can also keep up with me on Instagram where I share small glimpses of my personal AND professional life thru tiny little squares. I’m addicted….it’s kind of pathetic! haha!

I can’t wait to meet you!!


I get a front row seat and an all inclusive pass to some of the most important days of people’s lives. I get to document family history…. man-nothing is better than that! Listen, the truth is, I know how important images are. I lost my 17 year old sister in a fatal car accident and it wasn’t until having to search thru shoe boxes of images to display at her funeral that it hit me…HARD! Photos are SO SO SO important. That day changed me as a person AND as a photographer. I hope no one ever has to experience the overwhelming feeling of regret I had that day…the feeling of not enough…not enough REAL authentic moments captured. That is really what built the foundation of my business. I want to give YOU what I wished I had. Since then, I’ve been on a mission. I want to capture images that are full of fun, rich in sentiment and abundant with authenticity. I know first hand that photos are worth SO much more than the paper they are printed on.


…and now for your entertainment, a few Instagram photos of my mug!

jen mcken, photographer


Just a few random facts about me:

  • I grew up in (and still live in) Blairsville, PA…but I’ve traveled all over the world.
  • I say the most random things, but I’m the most organized person you’ll meet.
  • I feel like an old soul, but I’m truly a kid at heart.
  • My best ideas come when I’m driving and can’t write them down.
  • I hate spiders but I laugh in the face of danger.
  • When I grow up, I want to be happy.
  • I’m not shy, but I blush when receiving compliments.
  • I laugh entirely too much and cry entirely too easy.
  • I’m ADDICTED to Instagram.

  • I believe smiling is the universal language.
  • I believe in the power of positive thinking.
  • I love crazy, funky, irregular patterns but I organize my sock drawer.
  • I believe in the small world theory- everyone is connected by 7 people.
  • I’m a great listener but I can talk your ear off about nonsense.
  • I believe that if chocolate or duct tape can’t fix it, then it’s not fixable.
  • I’d rather carry a million grocery bags in two hands than make a second trip to the car…tee he he!!
  • I’m silly, I’m serious, I’m fun, I’m boring, I’m REAL…I’m Jen McKen 🙂


I think it’s important to make note-I do not take every wedding and/or portrait session. I believe that we need to be a good fit-you deserve nothing less. I mentioned it before, I will be spending more time with you then your Groom during the wedding festivities and you have to put up with my quirky personality during your portrait session so if we don’t “click” then it will be miserable for both of us……your wedding day and/or portrait session should be relaxing, memorable and FUN.

I can’t wait to meet YOU!!