If I had a nickel for every time someone told me their fiance’ doesn’t like having their photos taken, they have a cheesy smile or they want to look “natural” in their photos…I’d be at the beach with a fruity drink!  But seriously-almost every one else, that you see in the gallery below, had those same thoughts! That’s where I come in! I will direct you the entire time on what to do, how to pose, where to put your hands, which direction to look…. and I’ll tell the stupidest and corniest jokes that you’ll laugh out of pity even if they aren’t funny! haha!

This also makes a great trail run for the wedding day. We’ll both know how each other works and because we won’t have as much time during an actual wedding day, you’ll know exactly what to do which equals more images for you later! E-sessions also allow us to customize them to YOU! Is there a place you met, an activity you love to do, a meaningful location- let’s go there…let’s do THAT!

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