Hi there! I can’t wait to work with you!

the wedding experience


Getting to Know You: phone call/meeting/emails

Hey girl hey!! Let’s be friends! This is the part where we learn more about each other and make friendship bracelets!

Sign Contract + Deposit

You like me, I like you so let’s get this party started and make this relationship official!

Schedule E-Session

It’s the pre-gaming part of the whole process. We pick a meaningful location, we get goofy, laugh, create some fun and relaxed images! You get to know how I work so that one the day of the wedding everything runs smooth! Bring your breath mints, I’m going to make you kiss A LOT.

Timeline Meeting

Shit is getting realz! This part is my jam! We’re going to pull it all together and put times next to the events for your big day. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, it’s not my first rodeo, I will guide you thru how much time you realistically need in order to capture all those important moments. Trust me, you’re going to feel SO MUCH BETTER after this chat!

Wedding Day

Ahhhh, you’re getting married!!! My second shooter and I will be running around like ninjas (for real, I wear all black)! You’re going to laugh at all my cheesy jokes and feed me wedding cookies! Trust me, I’m a professional!

Sneak Peeks/Blogging

You’re going to pee your pants with excitement when you see your sneak peeks! I’m an editing ninja and always try my best to have a few images up on social media for you within the first 24 hours. You’ll be internet famous in no time!

Image Delivery + Ordering

I’m going to make you cry…..happy tears! This is the part that you get to relive your day thru all of the images we captured. You’ll laugh at your friends dance moves, sob when you see your Daddy cry, giggle at your aunts outfit choice and ohh and ahh over how gorgeous you were. I always leave the out-takes in for good laughs...and future blackmail!

Album + Product Design

My FAAAVORITE part! You’ve picked your favorite images and I can design you an heirloom album that your Grandchildren can point and laugh at someday. Styles and trends will have changed by then and they’ll laugh at your hair, your shoes and your dress….and they’ll say, this is where I come from! Sure, this is your legacy….but in more ways than one, it’s also my legacy! Thank you for allowing me to document your family history! Please-no autographs!