When I was in high school, the teachers would try to move me to a seat away from my friends for talking too much. The thing is, I was friends with EVERYONE. Eventually, they resorted to making me stand outside in the hall. Honest, I had my own square! I wasn’t a rule breaker but I was a rule bender! Some things haven’t changed! I’m still a carefree, adventurous small town girl who talks too much! haha!

I always knew that someday, those would be the good old days! Someday, THESE will be YOUR “good-old-days”. How do you want to remember it? 

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Karly | Rustic Senior Session

Meet Karly! She's a senior at Saltsburg High School and she's strong minded, independent, and caring! I'd love to think that I'm pretty good at reading people's energy....and as soon…
jen mcken
September 14, 2020
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