Hi There! I can’t wait to work with you!

the portrait experience


Initial Contact

Hey girl hey!! Let’s be friends! This is the part where we learn more about each other and make friendship bracelets!

Getting to know you: picking location/ideas/picking a date

Do you have a location in mind already? Depending on the look/feel you want in your images, I have a few places I shoot at regularly…but I LOVE when my clients bring their ideas to the table, it allows us to customize the experience specifically to you! We’ll figure out a date/time that works best for both of us… also, we’ll most likely schedule another the date that you will come to the studio to view your final images and place your print/product order.

Sign Contract + Deposit (Saving the Date)

You like me, I like you so let’s get this party started make it official YO! I’ll send you over an online booking link to make it official. You’ll sign your name and then it gets input into my calendar so that spot doesn’t get booked by anyone else. Once you pay your retainer, that date is officially yours.


On the day of your shoot, come ready to have lots of fun, be relaxed and let me work my magic. I promise you will be blown away. We’ll hang out for 1.5-2 hours creating gorgeous portraits. We’ll laugh and tell bad jokes!

Sneak Peeks

You’re going to pee your pants with excitement when you see your sneak peeks! I’m an editing ninja and always try to have a few images up on social media for you within the first 24 hours for you to ohh and ahh over before you see the rest. You’ll be internet famous in no time!

2 day Proof Release + product ordering

Roughly 2 weeks after your photoshoot your images will be prepared for viewing. This is when you’ll ooh and ahh over all your awesome portraits (it’s OK to cry). This is the first time you’ll see your photographs (except maybe a sneak peek will be shared on social media). You’ll be given a customized link to narrow down to your favorite portraits and make ALL FINAL decisions in regards to your portrait order. Any UNORDERED images are permanently purged from our system after the expiration. Online proofs are available for 2 days before ALL orders must be placed. Don't worry though, I check with you first to see which 2 days work best for you!

Product delivery (show off)

This is the part of the process that you get to see all of your images in print! You can go hold on to a tangible product, flip thru the pages of your album, hang your images on the wall.


I get to show off more of your images to the inter-webs and brag on you a little! Basically, you’re going to be internet famous! Tee he he!

Ready to Book?

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