“Snowmageddon” Paradise

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Where were you during the blizzard of 2010? How did you survive the “Snowmageddon”? Well, I certainly will not forget! For one, our furnace had decided to bite the dust the day before the snow storms moved it forcing us to have to heat with portable heaters until Monday when the new one arrived. Second, myself and a co-worker braved the roads to travel to the Inner Harbor near Washington D.C. to attend a conference-don’t feel too bad for us, we stayed at a gorgeous hotel/resort and hung out in the HUGE atrium which basically felt like a tropical paradise. No snow, cobble stone walk ways and palm trees-not the mention some of the best food EVAR (and waiters-HI Andrew!!..tee he he). And lastly, I got to hang out with one of my best guy friends from middle school. I’m not sure the last time I’ve laughed that hard! We had a really great time, met some new friends and got our learn on about things like “social networking” ,etc.

Because of the snow storm and all the people whom had to travel from out of state to get to the conference, out of the 2,600 people who signed up to attend, only 1/4 of them actually made it there. The others got caught up in delayed/cancelled flights, bad roads or just simply didn’t even attempt to make it. What did that mean for us? Well, less of a crowd, we didn’t have to fight to get into any of the restaurants and well a little more down time than normal because a few of the workshops had been cancelled due to the speakers not being able to make it.

We stayed *here *at the Gaylord National Hotel and Resort. This place was gorgeous–even more so because of the conditions outside. It was located right smack dab on the Potomac River. The first day we were there, the sky was so blue and the ground was covered in a pillow of white so when the sun began to set, it was beautiful. I managed to get outside before it disappeared completely below the horizon. It certainly was a nice change of scenery!  Unfortunately, due to the “poopy” weather we were unable to get out and be tourists, but I wasn’t complaining one bit that I could wait up  and eat my breakfast on a bistro table in the Italian Market with no snow to be found! Perhaps, we’ll do a little more site seeing in April when I travel back down to shoot Jamie and Rich’s photos. 🙂

Thanks to all my “friends” who reached out in case we ran into any trouble on the way down, gave us advice on the road conditions and who welcomed us to hang out….and to all the clients who were patient with me in returning emails/phone calls while I was away. You’re Awesome-Tastic!! 😉

PS:  In less than one month—-we’ll be in VEGAS BABY!!

Below are some random shots, I’ve taken during my stay.They are in NO particular order. Some are of the hotel, some are fun and some are just right “What was I thinking when I took them” photos. Enjoy! For me, it’s back to reality……….shoveling alot of snow! Happy Snowmageddon! PS: It’s true, I did pushed ALL the buttons!! Muahha ha ha ha!

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