Blairsville High School’s “Fiddler on the Roof”

By May 1, 2010 10 Comments

I was blown away tonight by the awesome performance by Blairsville High School’s “Fiddler on the Roof” musical. There I was in the auditorium of the school I graduated from watching these amazingly talented students perform. It was nothing short of fantastic! I’ve never been gifted by the acting gods, nor can I sing…yeah I can dance but sing and dance at the same time…HAHA! So watching the students on stage perform gave me the chills.

Our neighbor Natalie, whom Mallory spends alot of time playing with, had come over to tell us all about it. She stood in the foyer of our house shuffling her feet and twisting her fingers as she nervously asked us to come. It melted my heart! We had plans to go out to dinner but after seeing how much it meant to her, we changed plans and found ourselves waiting in line to buy last minute tickets. Of course I lugged my camera along…..because, “it’s WHAT I do” sooo…enjoy the photos I took in between the adults in front of us playing with their phones. The light that comes from those little suckers when it’s dark….is distracting. SOMEONE wasn’t paying attention when they asked us to turn them off!! LOL And I should mention, I totally followed the rules and did not use flash photography. Can someone get me my halo please?! Tee he he!

Ohhh, and I should ALSO  mention, these may not be in any particular order 🙂


  • Evan Toman says:

    These are fabulous. Glad you liked the show 🙂

  • Karin Kukura says:

    Jen, Your photos are fantastic. Let me know if I could purchase a few. Thanks

  • Bev Schweigert says:

    As usual, these are fantastic pictures!!! Wasn’t it an awesome show???? We loved it!

  • Tawnette Pavlik says:

    It means so much to Natalie and our family to have you attend the show at her request.

    And these pics . . are simply amazing! Thanks so much for going!

  • Sarah Maryai says:

    I was in the musical and these pictures are so good! They look like they just came off Broadway!!!! (:

  • Kayla Knupp says:

    You are definitely good at what you do, these pictures are great! :]

  • Bobbi Ann Pease says:

    These pictures are abosotutly amazing! You are definitly good at what you do…keep it up! :)I was in the show, and i would of never thought that these pictures would come out like they did. Niceee workkk!

  • Chandler Toman says:

    every single one of these pictures are so INCREDIBLE! great job and thanks for coming to the show 😀

  • Dana Roth says:

    These pictures are amazing!!!!! Im glade you like the show 🙂 Mr.thorn said that the pictures look like they are from broadway, but they are from our school. you are a good photographer !) sory aboutmy spelling im only in seventh grade and not good at spelling <:)

  • natalie pavlik says:

    thanks for putting theses pictures on here and good job without flash

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