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I’m not sure how I get so lucky. I get the most laid back, go-with-the-flow brides. I don’t how this happens but surely I won’t complain. I mean, we have the same taste… camera bag matched the table runners…tee he he 🙂

If you were remotely near the South Western part of Pennsylvania on June 5th you would know just how cloudy and unpredictable the weather was. One minute the sun was shining, the next it was raining, then cloudy…and the wind was kinda all over the place. The Bride and Groom had plans to get married on the back patio at Chestnut Ridge. One minute it seemed like a good idea, the next-maybe not so much. They did have a back up plan to get married inside but with a little bit of optimism and perfect timing the ceremony started about 10 minutes earlier. It was PERFECT TIMING. They were married on the patio just as planned and then the rain started just after the last of the guests were escorted off the balcony. Perfect Timing!! 🙂

At the reception just near the end of the Money Dance, out of the floor to ceiling windows you could see fireworks. As Tom made his way into the mad house of people to get to his bride, the fireworks were going off outside. Perfect Timing 🙂 I had actually came home later in the night and posted the firework photo and people from all over the county commented that they had either SEEN them or heard them!  🙂

Carrie and Tom, Thank You so much for having me be part of your day. Your friends, your family and everyone in between were so welcoming. Remember during the portrait session you mentioned your face hurt from smiling…..mine did too by the end of the night! Congratulations to the both of you!!!

Enjoy your sneak peek while I’m working on the rest 🙂

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