Charlie | Blairsville, PA Photography { Kids }

He gave me a run for my money! This little guy is cutting some teeth and he didn’t exactly want me chasing him around with a camera….but I’m sneaky! I miss when Mallory was this age. They walk around and explore with all the wander in the world. Thankfully there were a few things on the property that kept his attention…..we collected rocks to throw into the creek, mom and dad swung him by his arms….and every little boy’s dream–a tractor!! 🙂 Below are a few photos of our adventures 🙂

I know it was really hot and humid out today, all in all, I think little Charlie did a fantastic job!! I mean, having your photo taken is hard work. 🙂 And Jillian…it was nice to meet you in REAL person 🙂 I’ll be seeing you again in the cyber world! 🙂

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