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I love these guys, I love these guys, I L.O.V.E. these guys!! 🙂 Introducing the new Mr. &  Mrs. Desiderio…… Wanna know how they met? It involves the YMCA, testing tubes and senior citizens. Not kidding-go read about it. Her story is way better than I could ever tell. *click here*

TJ and Jennifer had their wedding ceremony and reception at the fan-tabulous Chestnut Ridge in Blairsville, Pa.    I got the cutest email from her back in April, met with them in May and a year later, I’m shooting their wedding. I must say, this was the most organized, on time wedding I’ve ever had. I always get a copy of the time line but it almost never goes just as planned . Something small always comes up placing things just a tad behind-it’s pretty typical. You know, hair appointments run a bit behind, someone misplaced the shoes, the rings, can’t find the keys…or something like that-not this time..(well ok except for the “splitting of the pants by an unidentified individual-tee he he). Everything was perfect, Jennifer was so CHILL and the wedding party was FLIPPEN awesome!! Everything was so on time that they had some time to relax and enjoy the time before she walked down the aisle. I’ve shot weddings where the bride was literally zipping up her dress seconds before making her entrance-no lie! I promise you will have awesome shots if you have some down time to hang out with the wedding party. PLUS you’ve planned this ONE day for an entire year so why not sit back and enjoy the ride and enjoy the day you have created. You will be more relaxed and it will show in the images I shoot.

I’ve had this discussion with a few others before, I often have people come up to me during the wedding reception to tell me “how great of a job I’m doing” and I always get a laugh out of it and think to myself, “How do you know?? You haven’t seen any of the photos yet”……but I realized, I think they are talking about how I interact with everyone. If that’s the case….thank you! This always makes me nervous because then I think, Ohh, no, when they see the photos are they going to change their mind about how GREAT of a job I did??!! I’ll let you be the judge! 🙂

Not to make this any longer…but after we left the reception to head home for the night, there was an amazing lighting show (yes lightening bolts) all throughout the sky. I stopped and recorded a it on video and in the next few days I will have a short video/slide show of all the video clips I shot as well as the still images from the day. Until then….enjoy your sneak peek!!! AND Yayyyyy for your new home!!


  • Vanessa says:

    These pictures are truly amazing!!!! I could tell throughout the whole day that Jen loves photography and capturing the candid images. She was constantly taking photos the entire day and not afraid to “get in there” to get these wonderful shots…not to mention that she is hilarious and fun to work with! Thanks for making the traditional shots fun to pose for and capturing so many candid shots!-Vanessa (one of the bridesmaids)

  • Jenn (The Bride) says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Jen McKen! She was so easy and FUN to work with! I am loving seeing these sneak peak pictures and can’t wait to see the rest. They are SO BEAUTIFULLY shot! I’d be happy to be a reference for you any day!

  • Caroline's Mom says:

    This is an email that one of my bridesmaids mom’s sent to her:

    Loved all of the pictures of Jenn’s wedding. I liked the way some were color and some were black and white. My favorites were the one of all the bridesmaids and the one with the bridesmaids and flower girls by the railing. I thought you looked lovely in both of those pictures — like you were a model in a magazine. I also loved the one of Jenn and the groom kissing in the gazebo. And the one with her dancing and him pointing was great — he looks like he thinks she is IT. And the one with the groom crying is touching. — catching emotion is good.

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