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Sometimes there’s just not enough time……on the wedding day that is. All of you brides that have recently been married, you know that on the ACTUAL day things can sometimes be crunched into a short amount of time. This usually includes the portrait session. Often times there are so many other things us photographers want to try but because of the restriction of time we are unable to spend more than an hour-there are exceptions, but for the most part we’re given about an hour to crank out a bunch of creative shots. So these “Day After Shoots” allow for you to get your dress back on and look fabulous for a non-rushed, laid back, photo session. This is when we can have fun, take our time and be adventurous….after all there are no guests waiting for us at the reception. THAT is exactly how it was this evening with the two of them. Now just because it’s called the “DAY” after shoot doesn’t mean it has to happen the DAY after the wedding. Some clients actually prefer to have them taken after their honeymoon….and let me say after you just came back from your honeymoon (Bow Chica Wow Wow) the chemistry is HAWT and it shows in the photos. Just sayin!

I must give John some credit here. He not only got stuck in Pittsburgh traffic on his way to the shoot but he also put on his LONG SLEEVE suit and stood outside for nearly an hour while we captured some of these images. If any of you were in the Pennsylvania area today, you would know that the temperature was in the 90’s and humid! So props to you John……and thank you for doing some of the absolutely re-donk-ulous things I asked you to do. You gotta do what ya gotta do!!!

I initially met Brittany and John over a year ago when I shot their engagement session so when they called me again to do a “Day after Shoot” I was very flattered. You see, I didn’t actually shoot their wedding photos, I was already booked…boo!!! BUT, none the less, I got to see her beautified!!  She got to get her hair and make up “did” again, and…hey, it’s just one more reason to wear the rather expensive dress she purchased for her big day. Since John purchased his suit, we were good to go. 

I know I’ve broken the golden rule of blogging by adding way too many photos…..but it’s MY blog so I can do what I want. Neener Neener Neener! So I give you the 3 week/rather fresh-newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Alivto!! Guys….I’ll be working on the rest over the next week 🙂

ohhh and for those of you who have been interested in what lense I shoot with. I’d say about 95% of these were shot with the nifty fifty! 🙂


  • Sandy says:

    These are beautiful! That is such a compliment to you that this couple called you specifically to do a day after shoot. The first pic is my favorite; great pose, great lighting – love it!

  • Larissa says:

    Jen you are simply awesome!!!! Beautiful pictures!

  • Cheryl Coble Bogdanski says:

    I would highly recommend the “Day After” shoot to all new married couples. It was so much fun. I love all the pictures.

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