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I’ve always prided myself on capturing the “real” moments at my shoots. I’ve always told people, if you want the PERFECT family photo where every hair is in place, where every child is smiling perfectly and your hands are lying perfectly on your lap in front of a stale background…I am NOT your gal. When we were little my mom dressed us up in fancy clothes and drug us to the chain stores for our annual pictures. I hated them. It felt posed, it felt fake and when looking back at them today I think to myself and laugh-THAT was sooo not me! The person behind the camera told me if my smile was good enough-smile more….smile less…it just wasn’t REAL. So my  mission when I photograph any family is to “be real”.  I want my clients to remember their children JUST the way they were…the things that make them THEM. Their quirky smiles, the facial expressions, their nervous habits, etc.  I love when a Dad is smiling so hard that you can’t see his eyes, I love when a Mom looks at her children as they are laughing and I love how a baby scrunches up their necks whey they laugh.  I guess I’m very nontraditional in the way that I don’t believe that EVERY single person has to be looking straight into the camera smiling at a 30 degree angle for the photos to be perfect. Perfectly imperfect…that’s what I’d like to say. I like to think that THAT’S why most people hire me….besides the fact that I have a spectacular pesonality! I kid I kid!!! LOL

This shoot made me feel old. I mean, Mom, Kaisa is the little sister of a friend I went to high school with (Hi Sarah) and I remember when she was “only this high”. Here she is all grown up with an itty bitty. Her daughter Lilly turns one this month. She came to visit me (with mom and dad) for some photos with her entourage of Grandma and hair stylist Aunt Alyssa! Being one and beautiful is hard work! We actually had plans to shoot the photos today, but after looking at the weather and already having to reschedule a time before we decided to squeeze them into yesterday. I’m so glad we did. Lilly did an awesome job….and she got to play in the leaves!

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