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This year she woke US up… 3:30am to be exact. Every other year, we had to practically pry her out of bed……I guess the excitement got to her this year! As she snuck into our room at the wee hours of the night the morning, she whispered, “Mom…..Mom…..hey MOMMMMM, do you think Santa came?” I laughed to myself and thought it was cute, but said, “I don’t know, go lay back down and sleep for a few more hours…it’s still dark”. She crawled in bed beside me and snuggled until the 7:30am. By then, there was no going back to sleep.

As she came down the steps to see what was under the tree, she made her “embarrassed, I know your taking photos and video of me” face. She opens her mouth and presses her tongue against the side of her mouth. HAHA! Once she laid eyes on the doll house it was like she had tunnel vision. It was THERE that we found Frisbee the elf. He was there for his last trip back until next year. It’s been fun while it lasted! lol

 She opened her gifts in front of our dead tree (THAT’s a whole other blog post) and while I was on camera duty, Greg was on flip cam duty. As we sat and watched her open her gifts and watched the living room slowly disappeared in a cloud of wrapping paper she finally got to the last gift. She looked up at us and said, “I love all of my gifts” and ran over with the biggest hug ever! THEN immediately said, “so when we going to Grandmas house to open my other gifts!” And so off we went…….over the river and thru the woods (literally) to Grandmas house and family visit #2 🙂

To spare you from all of the photos I took that day, I thought I would share one of my favorite photos of my family. There’s myself, Greg and Mallory and then my little sister , little brother and my Mom and Step Dad. I have no idea what was happening while this photo was being taken except that whatever it was….it must have been funny! What I did notice is that my Mom and I are both throwing are heads back and laughing exactly the same. I. HAVE. BECOME. MY. MOTHER. ….AND  the best part is EVEN the dogs are joining in on the silly faces. This photo is hilarious on so many levels!!

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