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By December 19, 2010 One Comment

Please remember that while we all get to spend the holidays with the ones we love-there are thousands of men and women who will not. Luckily, Ben wasn’t one of them and we was able to come home for 2 weeks over the holidays. He’s in boot camp…in training to defend our country. His wife Jean, has been raising their one year old Pogue these past two months while he’s been away. He’s been home for just two days….and they called me to do a impromptu family session while he was home. I was MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige! We go wayyyyy back! I photographed senior photos for his family, their engagement photos, I was already booked on their wedding date so I didn’t get to shoot that …but they called me back to shoot Poque’s newborn photos and well….here we are all these years later with their family photos! 🙂

Ohhhh and Mallory came along for this shoot. She was my assistant, jumping jacker and dog barker-long story! AND….I’ll admit it, I was a dog barker too–only for you Pogue!! AHAHAHA!!  I’ll post a few of the photos Miss Mallory took below. 🙂

So tonight when you go to bed beside the one you love, or you do all of those family traditions that everyone loves to do around this time of year…remember, there are people out there who don’t get to be with their families this holiday season….and squeeze the ones you get to be with just a little bit tighter. 🙂 Ben, THANK YOU for your sacrifices…and Jean you too! It takes a strong, supportive and understanding women to be a military wife! 🙂 Much love to both of you! Ohh and Jean, remember me when you get all famous and stuff! (she’s an aspiring photographer…who does a pretty fantastical job!) 🙂

…. and NOW drum roll please……….here’s the photos my 6 year old aspiring photographer took. 🙂 Tee he he

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