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Yesterday’s boudoir session was awesome! Most of the time boudoir sessions are done at my small scale studio, in a clients home or on some occasions I’ll rent a suite at a fancy hotel for the boudoir marathons, but today, my session took me to a place a bit different.

Her only request….that we get shots on his Harley! Logistically, there was no way to get the Harley into my small scale studio so we went to plan B-shooting on location….which meant we were shooting in a location a little more unconventional……in their garage! And trust me, it was just a typical garage-concrete floors, storage, and no natural light-I mean, we couldn’t open up the garage door because it’s the middle of winter (and although it’s been a bit warmer up here in SW PA this winter) it was cold. So I’ll admit it was a bit challenging…but we’re supposed to be able to work under any condition so I thought “bring it on”. I’m including a pull back shot of where we actually shot these, because I think it’s important to show you that we can create beautiful images almost anywhere as long as you know how to work your camera and the lighting. Ohhh and did I mention, these were taken without any flash! My lighting source…..a floor lamp. YEP, a floor lamp. haha!

I wanted to show you these images first before you “judge” our location!


our location and lighting source…….see, photography isn’t always that glamours! LOL

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