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aric + angie- seattle wedding photographers

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Aric and I officially met at the [b] school party during WPPI in Vegas in 2009. I remember it very vividly because we had literally just sat down when he and his friend came over, put out their hands and said hello. He was so quiet and hardly talked the whole time while the rest of us talked a mile a minute…but I found out later it was because he was loosing his voice and COULDN’T talk. I do believe it’s where I introduced Greg as my “baby daddy”…..and now it’s an ongoing joke with us all.

Coincidentally, Aric and his wife, Angie live in the Seattle area so when I told them I was flying out, they offered to pick me up at the airport and show me around a bit….which lead to a few photo ops and sight seeing! I can’t WAIT to show him around Pittsburgh one of these days!!

We checked out Pike’s Peak, the original Starbucks, Post Alley with all the gooey gum….and we stopped at a few spots for a few portraits of the two of them. I know first hand how hard it is as a photographer to have photos of yourself when you’re the one always behind the camera. So we shot a few of them for the launch of their new website!

ohhh and if you’re in the Seattle area and you are getting married this coming year, you may want to check out their blog for a fun contest they’re having. You can check it out *here*!

PS: do you know how stressful it is shooting for another photographer??!! just sayin!


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