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By February 16, 2012 5 Comments

I love traveling! I mean LOOOOOVE traveling! I got bit by the travel bug when I was in college….and it’s in my bones now! In the next three weeks I will have been in Seattle, Las Vegas and then Chicago for  shoots….WOOT!

This past week, for those of you who know, I flew out to Seattle to be part of an online workshop called Creative LIVE, that is broadcast live over the web. Although,I flew out there alone, I met up with my good photographer friend Aric Becker and his awe-some-sauce wife. They picked me up at the airport…I felt kinda famous, I won’t lie! I was like  (with a hair toss)”ohhh look, there’s my people!” I should have told him to hold a sign! haha!

Anywho, it was my first time in Seattle….or the west coast for that matter. I’ve traveled all over the world but for some reason missed the west coast of my own country! LOL So Aric showed me around Pikes Place, Post Alley with the Gum Wall and the birthplace of Starbucks just to name a few. I shot a lot of Instagram photos that I thought I would share with you here! I wish I had more time to explore….but I’m thinking that will be for my next trip out! 🙂 We also shot some images of Aric and his wife Angie for their new website…but those are for a whole other blog!

Just some random iphone photos (and a few camera photos)…enjoy pure and utter randomness!



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