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whitney on fremont street, vegas | jen mcken photography

By February 27, 2012 No Comments

Whitney packed her dress inside of a small suitcase….with one of those suction bags! haha! It was hilarious watching her open the bag and just like that “POOOF” out comes the dress!  She was married back in October and so since we were looking to do a shoot in Vegas we recruited her-she’s Courtney’s sister and she did everything we told her to-which included spinning around the streets of Fremont Street (also known as old Vegas)…WITH TONS of people watching! I think a few people thought she might have been a celebrity, I mean people were coming up and asking to have their photos taken with her! It was so cute!!

The images below are taken with my iphone of big sis Courtney making her little sister Whitney look pretttttty!!


We walked around the streets of Fremont Street looking for perfect locations. First we found a casino with some amazing light that just happppppened to have a bright red Corvette inside. THAT with the colors and the ceiling tiles we fell in LOOOOOVE! Next we took her right smack dab into the middle of Fremont Street and had her twirl in her dress! We took her to several other locations as well…but thats for a whole other blog!


Tomorrow ……. Whitney “old Hollywood”!

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