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I know that friends and family are anxiously awaiting more images from Jaycie + Garrett’s wedding day…sooooo, I’m here to put ya’all out of your misery-at least until I post the portraits! 🙂

So how did this walk down the aisle begin? It’s simple…..he made her blush! 🙂 Let me explain……

They first met in November 2007 when they were both working at Carnegie Mellon University. She was the Assistant Director of Admission and Garrett was working for the Desktop Support Program. She was her my office one day when a colleague said that he wanted to introduce her to the new “computer support” person for the Office of Admission. She was expecting to meet a middle aged man with glasses when Garrett walked in to say hello and her face got all red! Her face continued to get red every time he would come to the office to check on her computer for at least a month. They gradually became acquaintances and then friends, once they figured out that we were both newer to CMU and the same age. They eventually went out to lunch together ………and fast forward ..she’s walking down the aisle!

I’ll tell you all about the proposal……but you’ll just have to wait..muah ha ha ha!! 🙂



Stay tuned for more images from Jaycie + Garrett’s wedding this week. Make sure you “like” my fan page for updates: www.facebook.com/jenmckenphoto


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