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luke: seventeen magazine | jen mcken, photographer

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Remember this guy? His name is Luke and a few months ago I took a facebook poll from the ladies asking whether they liked the left (non-smiling) or the right (smiling) photo. Well, the ladies of the interweb spoke and picked the smiling version-which was my pick! Luke and I had a bet as to whether the smiling or non-smiling photo would be picked. And although the internet agreed with me- I mean, we had 578 comments…..SEVENTEEN Magazine agreed with Luke.


You see, Luke was interviewed by one of the writers from SEVENTEEN Magazine AND he needed some head shots….anything for you Luke! He was one of my senior clients several years ago and we got along so great that I’m one of his favorites (isn’t that right Luke?!) haha! If you want to read what he had to say, pick up a copy of July’s SEVENTEEN and turn to page 148.  And Luke….I HATE TO ADMITT THIS…but you win! *sigh*



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