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I think most of you Mom’s out there can relate to this. You’re always the one with the camera….at holidays, birthday parties, school events, and all of those other milestones in your child’s life. It’s kind of like you don’t exist. You’re capturing all the pictures but you’re not actually *IN* them. I know I feel this way sometimes…….and when you think about it-it’s actually quite depressing. Sometimes, I come home from shoots and think to myself, MAN, I’d love to have images like the ones I just took of that family… know, photos where I’m in them….where I exist. You’re not alone….there are a BAZILLION other women out there that feel EXACTLY the same…including myself.

Which brings me to Ally……well, she’s the  daughter I’m about to brag about! She recognized this and purchased her Mom a mini session so that she can exist!!! The best part….we shot these are her Mom’s birthday. Can you seriously even tell this woman has a (almost) 21 year old daughter?  She’s one hot mamma…..who just happened to raise a VERY thoughtful daughter!!

Look Bev… EXIST!!! Ohhh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



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