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This is the Bishop Family! They drove almost 4 hours in their “swagger van” from Virginia to the big bad Southwestern PA to have their family photos taken, then literally turned around and drove home in the same day! They are pretty much insane…but I’m so happy to have met them. Robyn has been following my “fan page” for a while now and it’s always flattering to meet those of you who have been leaving such kind comments on Facebook! *fist bump-EXPLOSION*

Their big-little family is fun and free-spirited!  Kenny and Robyn (Mom + Dad) are both full time students (on the Dean’s List) through University of Alaska all while parenting 6 children!! Yeah, she’s my hero!

We have a drama queen, a diva, a zombie hunter, a “human garbage disposal” and the twins! tee he he!! <3

Miss Adrienne – 9
Miss Rory – 7
Mr. Dean – 4 -1/2
Mr. Preston – 2-1/2
Mr. + Mrs. Reese and Ryder – 8 months old

Did I mention that the oldest two are in the Gifted Enrichment Program at their school……THAT’S a proud mama moment!

Ryder and Reese…the 8 month old cuties!

I love these two shots! I love the “real life” moments. Here’s the way I feel, ANYONE can take a picture to show you what you look like, I want to take a picture so that you can remember what it FELT like! I think these images do just that!

Mom says this is what dinner time feels like at her house! haha!

 Dance Par-TAYYYY!!!!!

Robyn and Kenny, I am completely humbled that you chose to make the trip up to see me! I wish we could have spent even more time hanging out. Your sense of humor is right up my alley…….and wash that kids feet! (inside joke!) hahahahaa!!!

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  • Sarah Boerger SmithOctober 21, 2012 - 10:02 pm

    amazing.. I love the candid pictures the best… worth the drive!


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