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I got an email from a “groom to be” several weeks ago asking about my availability to photograph his proposal! I can’t give away too many details because “she” may be reading this and I don’t want to give away any of his amazing surprises..but with that said, he mentioned he hasn’t quite picked out her engagement ring just yet. He had an idea of what she might like but he wasn’t 100% sure of all the different “styles” they had available. I think your ring says a lot about who you are…and he agreed! He wanted it to be PERFECT-to fit her personality and her style ! As we chatted on the phone, he was so excited and nervous about  the daunting task of finding “THE RING”.  THAT got me thinking….I know most of my readers are female, but believe it or not, I do have quite a big percentage of male readers……so this one is for all the fellas…..and for all of you ladies who might be undecided as to what you like!

So my friends over at 77 Diamonds provided me a little insite into what the latest trends are………here’s what they had to say!

Because engagement rings and diamond jewellery are such traditional items and accessories, many people do not realize that there are actually trends in their styles and appearances. Just like any other fashion accessory or piece of jewellery, diamond rings have many different factors and elements, and some are more popular than others at different times. These trends in popularity of styles and appearances can be very helpful to understand, however, if you find yourself in need of selecting a significant piece of jewellery. With that mind, here are some explanations of different trends in diamond rings.


Diamond Set Rings

Increasingly in diamond rings in general, there is a very popular trend toward setting smaller diamonds along the circumference of the ring. If you have ever looked at eternity rings from 77diamonds, for example, you have seen this style in both ordinary diamond rings and engagement rings. Some people even implement diamond set rings for their wedding bands! The idea behind this style is the concept that continuous circles signify eternity and connection, so having small diamonds set around a ring can be a very romantic symbol of commitment.

Horizontal Settings

Another interesting trend in engagement rings is for the main diamond to be set in a horizontal fashion in rings that utilize elongated diamond shapes. Of course, some popular diamond shapes are perfectly symmetrical in both directions and cannot appear horizontal. But for diamonds in emerald, diamond, or even oval shapes, there is an increasing trend to set the stone horizontally on top of the ring. Not only does this provide the ring with a more unique and original appearance, but in many cases it actually makes the diamond stone appear larger. In particular, the style of horizontal diamonds looks wonderful with additional diamonds set on the ring.

Halo Settings

In general, there seems to be a common trend toward vintage styles in various types of jewellery. With diamond rings, and specifically engagement rings, this trend is manifested largely through the popularity of halo settings for diamond stones. A halo setting essentially means that the diamond is set in a fashion in which it is surrounded entirely by a setting of either metal or small diamonds. These settings are often circles or ovals, but can also be in other shapes, and do tend to appear somewhat vintage. Typically, halo settings draw even more focus than usual to the main stone in a ring, and can therefore make rings appear a bit more glamorous or elegant.

Good luck choosing!!!


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  • Engagement Rings AustraliaOctober 25, 2012 - 1:29 am

    The photos are incredible! I’m getting a lot of valuable information too. I appreciate you sharing this kind of informative and helpful post to us. It educates and inspires. Cheers!

  • diamond ringsOctober 27, 2012 - 8:22 am

    Good blog. I didn’t realize engagement ring trends changed so much.


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