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I remember laughing so hard we couldn’t breath at our high school lunch table. The kind of laugh where tears are running down your face and you are afraid for an instance that you might have peed in your pants! hahaha! We were always getting in trouble for being too loud-what else is new?! It’s been 12 years since I’ve seen her….but she looks exactly the same as she did all those years ago….except now, she’s got two cuties of her own. It’s still hard to swallow because it honestly feels like it was yesterday when we were chatting about our plans after school….it’s just so bizarre that I’m now shooting her family photos.

She has two beautiful children, Marissa and Mason. Rissa would like to be a Fashion Designer and Grandma says “Believe me, she has drawn outfits, etc. since she could hold a pencil–no joke!!! She has also taken some sewing lessons from me and hopes to design and sew her ideas someday!!” And Mason, well he’s a curious little ham who loves the camera!

Jen, it was so awesome catching up with you during our session…… 🙂


I live for these in the moment shots!

tee he he…

Total ham!

Marissa showed up read to rock, you should have seen some of her moves!!


For those of you whom have been asking about mini-session availability, because of the awesome response (and how much fun I’ve been having) I’ve opened up a few more spaces. Just email me and we’ll get the ball rolling! Can’t wait to meet you!!


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  • Robin Grimm says:

    Thanks so much for taking such great pictures of 3 very important people im my life!! Once again, a super job done!!! Marissa and Mason’s GaGa

  • Melissa Willard Parent says:

    The joy. Everything you take, no matter how solemn or sweet or romantic: at the bottom, there’s always, ALWAYS so much joy! You remind me to see the world through a celebratory lens. LOVE YOUR STUFF!

  • Jenna says:

    I love the covered bridge shots. We don’t have too many of those out here 🙁 Well done.

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