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Do you remember Kristen?! I blogged a few of her images a while back but we’ve been rescheduling her “other half” of the session for the past few weeks! FINALLY the stars aligned and we picked a gorgeous day…the birds were chipring, the leaves were blowing and the sun was shining! I love that she brought bright colors-it totally matched her bubbly personality….but she’s got this old soul about her! She’s sarcastic (right up my alley), funny and smart! She wants to major in marine biology and minor in photography…but ultimately, she wants to be an underwater photographer! That means she’ll have to move to somewhere warm and tropical…..MAN, I bet that’s gonna SUCK! <insert sarcasm>

Kristen, I had a blast with you….and I’m so glad we waited. I was determined to get you your fall photos-check!


I love her smile!!

Rock’in the glasses!


 I love photographing people who don’t take life too seriously and aren’t afraid to laugh out loud!!

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