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By January 15, 2013 2 Comments

Do you know that one of the number one reason that any wedding is running late????

HAIR AND MAKEUP!  With that said, that doesn’t mean that it’s the hair stylist or the makeup artists fault-although, yes that is possible-but most of the time it’s because of poor planning and Bride’s not realizing how long it’s going to take to do 6 up-do’s plus makeup for all the girls OR how long the travel time (construction, rush hour, detour routes) will take from point A to point B. Let’s get real for a few minutes and let me explain WHY it’s important to build in extra time for your wedding timeline!

Here are a few tips just off the top of my head….

#1 ASK the stylists and makeup artists about their timing needs…..and then build in a little extra time….especially if you are working with a salon-phones ring, travel time to and from take longer, some of the bridal party may be caught in traffic which means the stylist can’t get to work right away.

#2 Try to find a hair stylist and makeup artist who travel in to your home or hotel-trust me, it’s WAYYYYY worth it!! Most are more flexible on when they can start versus the saloons….if you’re working with a salon PLUS you’ll get to choose the environment you want in the background of your images.

#3 How many people do you have to pack up and get into the limo?  Travel takes longer for more people. If there are only a few of you,  jumping into the limo and heading out will only take a few minutes, but loading up 8 girls, plus yourself, a flower girl, your mom, bouquets a million purses and any other bags takes A LOT LONGER…..and that’s if the limo is on time!   Remember to Build in Extra Time!

#4 Talk….with the people in your bridal party. There’s always that one girl that is always late…you know her, she sleeps in by accident, you have to tell her to be there at 1 if it really starts at 2, her car always breaks down, her dog dies….we all know “her”.   TALK TO THEM about making a VERY conscious effort to get there ON TIME!

#5 When hair and makeup go according to schedule that means that portraits will also go according to schedule which in turn means (say it with me now) “MORE BETTER” pictures!

#6 A relaxed bride means a relaxed face…….and trust me, you don’t want to have the “scour face” because you are stressed in your “getting ready” photos…or ANY of your photos for that matter. Being stress-free means more laugher….laugher is GOOOOOOD!!!!

#7 You’ll get more “details”. You’ve spent TONS of time pouring your heart and soul into every little detail of your wedding…and your photographer(s) wants to capture it! So give them the time to capture them! I LOOOOOVE a good dress hanging shot!



Trust me when I say to build in the extra time, you’d rather be done early and hanging out with the girls sipping on a mimosa instead of rushing. The getting ready photos are my favorite to shoot….but there’s nothing worse than being in a panic that you’re going to be late to your ceremony. You’re paying a lot of money for your photographer to be there…..give them enough time to produce beautiful photos for you. The same holds true for portraits…but that’s a whole other blog post!

Happy Wedding planning!!

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