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They got out of the car and Draden ran up and gave me a big hug!!! I photographed them last year and I always look forward to seeing how big everyone had gotten… Corbin, Gage (9 years old) and Draden (3 years old) have a new baby brother, Lincoln, to unveil!!!


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Mom tells me that Where do I begin…The boys play football and wrestle. The princess does dance, gymnastics, swimming and and soon karate. The baby just eats and sleeps like it’s a sport! Tee he he!

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Meet Lincoln…..he’s so handsome!!

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*Draden & Lincoln are miracles! Mom had cancer and was told that she wouldn’t be able to have anymore kids after chemo & radiation. Draden was in my belly for my last 5 radiation treatments. She had no side effects from treatment and is more than healthy! Lincoln was a 4yr later bonus round surprise!
*Draden is a radio station! We can be driving and a song comes on and she will start singing along and if you change the station, she doesn’t miss a beat and picks up with the next song you land on.
*Corbin is a loverboy! He gets more names and numbers that he should at his age.

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*Gage wakes up in the middle of the night when he hears us up with Lincoln and peeks out his door to make sure we are ok! He is the guardian of the house.
*Mom (Sheila) & Dad (Jared) are typical parents, but our biggest twist is on dinner vote nights – Who made the better meal? We both love to cook!
*Jared named Lincoln this time and mom though he was kidding that he wanted Lincoln. She knew he was a welder and he used a “Lincoln” welder. What a shock when he wasn’t joking.

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4 kiddos…… are my hero! 🙂 Seriously, though, your kids are such sweethearts and I can’t wait to watch them grow thru the lens!!

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I just love these guys!!! <3

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