Mexico: Day 1-3 | dolphins, gelato and Michael Jackson

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I took so many photos over the week we were there, and I obviously can’t share them all….so I’m splitting the blogs up and sharing random ones for each one! First up, Day one, two and three……. I didn’t carry my “big girl” camera everywhere, I did take a lot of photos with my handy dandy iphone, but it’s impossible for me to travel anywhere without at least taking my good camera and one lens. This time I only took my 35mm, so every picture you see is shot with only that lens!

We stayed at the Grand Sunset Princess in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico, we loved it! It’s a huge resort and even though I didn’t really eat “healthy” in terms of my weight loss standards, I got an average of 6-7 miles of walking in per day just in walking back and forth to eat, the beach and exploring…so I didn’t feel too bad! We were talking to some friends about it and we’re considering visiting again but next time using Mexico villa rentals. I think that will be a really special vacation.


mexico 2014-0214

If you couldn’t tell from these shots, she was REALLY excited to be in the warmer weather. Greg stayed back in the room to catch up on some sleep (we did leave the house rather early) and Mallory and I went out to explore the resort ๐Ÿ™‚

mexico 2014-0228

I thought these shot glasses were adorable (and tasty)! ๐Ÿ™‚

mexico 2014-0928

The resort reminded me a little bit of Greece, a little bit of Italian and Caribbean all mixed into one. There was ALWAYS something to do with activities and shows (see below) and let me tell you…the SPA was AMAZING!! I got an 80 deep tissue massage and THAT was worth the entire trip to Mexico.

mexico 2014-0925

The performers were amazing, as you can see the Bee Gee’s and Michael Jackson showed up!

mexico 2014-0892

The resort was a whole other place at night. Blues and whites…it was gorgeous! After dinner one evening, Mallory begged to go to the Kid’s Club so Greg and I roamed around taking a few night shots! People were looking at me funny because I was shooting into the dark with no tripod, they were probably thinking “what is she taking pictures of?” I loved the puzzled looks on their faces!

mexico 2014-0848

mexico 2014-0248

mexico 2014-0774

Beach time. One of the main reasons I only bring on lens with me- especially to the beach – is because I don’t want to be switching lens in the sand….bad bad bad…things happen when you get sand in your camera. Trust me, I know! haha

mexico 2014-0760

My little model.

mexico 2014-0491

And then……we finally made it over to swim with the dolphins. The one and only thing Mallory REALLLLLLY wanted to do while we were here. She had been working so hard to earn this and it was like Christmas morning for her. Since she couldn’t go in alone and adult had to be with her, I went along as well. Greg stayed on the platform and took photos! ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterwards we got to feed the Manatees as well….awesome experience, Mallory talked about it for the entire rest of the trip.

mexico 2014-0317

Funny story : on the way back to the resort, the tax/bus we were riding in broke down. The motor kept over heating and he would pull over, let it cool and then keep going. Greg, being the car guy he is, was trying to talk to the driver but the driver spoke very little english and we spoke very broken spanish and so it was helpless. He kept trying to call his supervisor and when he couldn’t reach anyone he would keep going. We were almost rear ended several times when the vehicle would just stop in the middle of the highway. There was a sweet English couple with us and while we were beginning to become concerned we finally rolled into the entrance of the resort. If you’ve ever been to one of the resorts, you know the entrance can be a mile or two long before you reach the actual building. So we had to get out and walk the rest of the way. It was quite the experience. The poor driver was having a bad day……so we went into the resort and brought him out a rum and coke! haha!

mexico 2014-0942I call this “drive by shooting” when you photograph out the window. I love Mallory’s face as she sees things in a different culture. We came to a red light and a Mother had two babies on her lap, Mallory looked at me like, “isn’t that illegal?”

mexico 2014-0538

After the dolphin experience, we walked around town just a bit and found some Gelato …and free wifi! WOOT!

mexico 2014-0515mexico 2014-0563

So many amazing places to shoot while we were in town. I kind of wished a bride and groom would just instantly appear so that I could have some fun! tee he he! mexico 2014-0611

After a long day, it was great to get back to the pool and relax…and we were going to need it for the next day…we were going to Tulum and snorkeling in the caves! Stay tuned for those images!

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