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Jenna + Tim | Oak Lodge Wedding Photographer | Rainy Day Portraits

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Every time someone said her name, I would turn around…..the struggles of almost having the same first name! haha! I’m really not sure how it happens, but this year, I have been so fortunate to work with such amazing couples….couples that trust me to come into their lives on one of the most important days of their lives BEFORE meeting me in person. Jenna and I just couldn’t get our schedules to match up and with a crazy work schedule it was just hard to get together….so I literally met her for the first time on the day of her wedding and as soon as I saw her, it felt like she was an old friend! Not only is she gorgeous, down to earth…she is seriously so sweet! She braved the rain, didn’t complain when a leaf got on her dress and walked thru puddles because she wanted good shots! Pshh, a little rain didn’t hurt anyone! Jenna, I told you it’d be worth it! <3

Their wedding took place at The Oak Lodge-only one of the most gorgeous rustic locations around..just sayin! The environment there is just absolutely gorgeous and there are photo opportunities around every little nook and cranny, the staff is amazing and in the fall it’s 100x’s even more beautiful! It also makes it convenient that everything including your ceremony, portraits AND reception can take place all at one location which is a win-win for me as a photographer…it usually means we spend less time traveling and more time taking photos <—-wedding tip, wedding tip!

How did you guys meet?
“We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. The first date was on a Sunday, for lunch. Needless to say neither of us were expecting too much… Lunch turned into an eight hour date and we have pretty much been together ever since.”- Jennaoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeSpill the beans, how did he propose?
“It was one of those perfect days in July. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Tim had suggested we go up to a winery (Glades Pike) near Somerset. We took a picnic got some wine and were sitting outside. I started to dig though my purse looking for my eos chap-stick (you should probably know I have an obsession with chapstick) when Tim looked at me and said “here use this one.” In typical me fashion I responded with “no it’s ok I like mine better.” Tim continued to prompt me I continued to say that I preferred my own finally he looked at me and said “Jen, open it.” So I did and he had the ring in a hollowed out eos egg! It was absolutely perfect and so us.”- Jennaoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeWho said I love you first?
“Tim did. We were out to dinner and all of a sudden he just looked at me and said “you know I love you.””- Jennaoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeCan you describe each other using 3 words:
Tim: dedicated, compassionate, endearing
Jenna: beautiful, caring, innocent oak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeThree things you couldn’t live without (besides each other)?
Tim: Good beer, skiing and music.
Jenna: Wine, coffee and chap-stick.
oak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodgeoak lodge pa wedding-rainy day oaklodge

Seeee……totally worth it!! Now quick..someone go get the girl a chapstick!!! <3

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