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Album Registry | Albums funded by your friends and family…instead of another blender!

By April 4, 2016 No Comments

album registry

Raise your hand if you were married more than a year ago and you STILL don’t have a wedding album? Your intentions were probably pretty good, you’d sit down at your computer and design your own and have it printed thru an online company….but that never happened did it? Just yesterday while visiting a friend she mentioned that they were helping to clean out some of her parents belongings and they came across a stack of floppy discs. There was no doubt they were holding on to them because they had important information on them….but all of these years later, how would you get all of that useful information off of the disc. Think about it…unless you print your images, your discs and usb’s will become JUST like the floppy discs and your future generations won’t be able to enjoy the images you had documented for them. Picture your children coming across a USB in 30 years and throwing it away because there’s no way to see what’s on it. Tons of your family history will be thrown away….. this is where you insert a sad face! haha

So I got to thinking….Let me (and your friends and family) help you!

There’s a registry for pretty much everything ….why not Wedding Albums? I am so excited about this! I am now able to offer my clients an album registry where friends and family can log on and instead of purchasing you another blender or fancy dish in your kitchen that you’ll never use, they can contribute towards your heirloom wedding album…..something you’ll eventually be passing down to your kids and grand kids. Are you having an engagement party, bridal shower or even as a wedding gift for the big day-It’s a beautifully simple way for your family and friends to contribute to the memories of your special occasions by contributing to the cost of your album.

So how does it work:
1. You choose which heirloom album you want to tell your story including the number of pages and cover options.
2. You will receive cards to include in your invitations with all of the necessary information for your guests.
3. Your guests will visit the website given and enter in your wedding date.
4. They will be able to contribute by funding pages in your album. Once they checkout, they are given a printable PDF that they can include in a card that they can give you at the party.
5. After your big day, we will use those contributed funds to create a beautiful heirloom wedding album for you to cherish gifted to you by your friends and family.

You will have a hand in the design process as well. I will design your initial album design using your favorite images. You get to approve it and make any changes before it gets sent to press.

This is popular among my wedding clients, but it is also available for baby showers, engagement sessions, etc. Contact me for additional details or if you would like to get your album registry set up. I  mean, do you REALLLLLY need another blender?

Don’t reminisce about your wedding like this….



Oh and just in case you’re reading this thinking: sh*t, we never got an album and it’s been XYZ years, get in touch with me, I can still help ya out!







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