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DiSalvo’s Train Station Latrobe, PA‎ | Wedding Reception | Joey D’s Cigar Bar

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They hung out in the cigar bar in the basement of DiSalvo’s Train Station Restaurant while they were waiting to be introduced into their reception. There were laughs, there was lots of smoke….and lots of smootch’in going on with Zach and Becca! I’ve always wanted to hang out down to Joey D’s Cigar Bar when we’ve gone to DiSalvo’s Train Station Restaurant in the past, so I was in heaven getting to work with the smoke, the lights and the bridal party. My only complain: I wish I had a few more hours to get creative! <3

DiSalvo's Station Latrobe, PA‎The whole gang.

DiSalvo's Station Latrobe, PA‎ cigar barI love how he looks at her!!

cigar barcigar bar weddingVape’in like a boss! haha! train stationI love these shots. vintage train station weddingwedding at train stationsmoke in cigar barinterior shots of DiSalvo's Station Latrobe, PA‎Here’s a few interior shots of the inside of DiSalvo’s…it has so much charm and it will filled to the brim with guests there to celebrate with them.guests at wedding receptionguests at wedding receptionreception at train stationThe speeches….

best man speachcrowd shotsfirst danceThe first dance…I love the warm glow from the candles and the ambient light in the background.

first dancelatrobe wedding receptionI love Frank’s face here…on his way to the Father/Daughter Dance.

groom cryingMother/ Son dance <3

wedding dancing….and let’s get the party started!!

guests dancingThe dance moves were off the hizzzoook! <–showing my age right there! haha!dj t rox receptionThe Bridal Dance …equipped with the polish tradition of waving napkins in the air. bridal danceYou really haven’t attended a Southwestern PA Wedding until you’ve experienced the Bridal Dance.

bridal dancebridal dance in latrobewedding reception dancingI mean….check out those moves! hahaha

iup friendsThe IUP gang…

groom singingBecca and Zack, I can’t not WAIT for you to see all of your images from your big day. Fair warning: you’ll need a bag of popcorn! haha!

This was the VERY LAST photo from the end of the light…… Becca snagged it on her cell phone before we left for the evening <3


Thank you SO MUCH for trusting *ME* to document your day!! For the record, I am FULLY PREPARED to go to Costa Rica for your 5 year anniversary photos! haha!

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