Prince Glitzen Glendale Lake Senior Photos | United High School Senior | Hailey

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Meet Hailey! She’s a senior at United High School and is part of the big bad class of 2017, shes involved with student counsel and she LOOVES the outdoors. I had the pleasure of working with her older sister, I also photographed their family photos and now….Hailey’s senior photos! She’s so laid back and despite me asking her to lean up against a tree with poison ivy or to sit in high weeds with ticks…but she drew the line when we joked with her about sitting on the dumpster! haha! She spends lots of time in the outdoor and Glendale Lake means a lot to her since she’s spent lots of time there growing up. So we traveled to Prince Glitzen State Park and Glendale Lake to shoot these. I’m not sure we could have gotten any more “outdoorsy” than these shots….and she ended up with an amazing sunset over the lake! SCORE!

rural high school senior

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
“I guess I should start by saying that I’m definitely a country girl. I spend all my time outdoors. I love to hunt and fish and my new favorite is to shoot my bow. I spend almost all of my time at a bow shop and shoot everyday and I go to 3D shoots every Sunday. I spend weeks and weeks getting up early to go turkey scouting in the spring. Then all summer I go spotting. I love to be outside! If I’m not hunting, fishing, or shooting I spend time with my friends. I also love to be with kids, my family calls me mother hen because I’m always with the kids. I go to the bow shop every Thursday to help teach kids to shoot. I love to hunt and fish and shoot I’m full tomboy, however I love school and I love to exceed limits in school. I’m a very ambitious person I love to be organized and have a straight shot plan. Another one is I love to help people any chance I get I always help those in need. I help my grandparents with both their businesses and help my pap on his farm. All in all I’m very outdoorsy haha.” -Hailey


fishing seniorWhat do you want to be when you “grow up?”
“I want to be a biochemist or a biomedical engineer. I love to work in labs and I love to help people so I would love to do research in labs to help people 🙂 “- Hailey

senior blow and arrowTell us something funny about yourself:
“My family always called me Pearl from spongebob because I drank 15 milkshakes around my birthday haha, Burgatory milkshakes are the best!”- Hailey

rural senior photossenior at lakeTell us 5 Random Facts about yourself:
“1- I love to be outside
2- I enjoy baking
3- I love being around kids
4-I love going on walks outside
5- I very much so am a Tomboy
6- I don’t like shopping ” -Haileysenior pondThe sun was starting to go down…and the soft colors started to appear in the sky-it’s my all time favorite time to shoot! The lighting is so soft and gorgeous.

Oh and as a side note: Hailey is a pretty bad-ass fisherman!

united high armagh paunited high school seniorBOOM! The sun was setting and I threw up a little off camera flash. YES these skies are real! sunset senior photosHailey, I hope you have an amazing senior year both in school and in the great outdoors! <3

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