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When I showed up at the hotel at Seven Springs, the snow was softly falling , not enough to stick but it made the air look so beautiful.  The slopes were filled with people and the holiday decorations were still displayed in the lobby……it oozed with the warm and fuzzies.

And the room was buzzing with people as well. Hair stylists, makeup artists, bridesmaids, family and friends and then there were videographers and photographers……just another wedding weekend but this one was special because it was on New Year’s Eve! The energy was high and the light coming thru the main window was gorgeous.

I love that there is a shirt hanging on the door in the background that says “New Year New State of Mind”.

Hair and makeup provided by Lavish Salon & Spa from Greensburg PA.

These two photos I will name: It takes a village. I love this silhouette of one of the groomsman as he checks out the slopes from the balcony window.

And well…..because this one is fun. This was just a glimpse into what was to come at the reception! tee he he!

I told you that window light was amazing! I mean…..check.her.out. I wish we would have had 124123 more hours to focus on photos of just her in her gown…but we were in a rush. I’m so happy to have snagged these gorgeous images of Jocelyn. She was WERKIN it.Opening her heartfelt card from John. You did good John…you did good.

I love that right before he came into the room to see his Bride he took a moment to look out the window and collect himself. I snapped this shot…they are both facing towards each other and then BOOM he turns around….…and then this happened! <3 A real quick photo before heading to the church…and by quick…I mean R.E.A.L. QUICK!

I love this little moment! I’m not sure they realized I took this but it warms my heart!

Here comes the Bride! What you don’t see is that half way up the aisle, her son walked her down and then met her Dad who walked her the rest of the way down. I love the sentiment behind it all. It makes me smile.I love this photo because of everyone’s expression but also because everyone in the background is trying to save the flower from falling off the phew. Tee he he!

A family prayer. I do. I do too. He high fived everyone down the aisle! haha!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the reception. Two different bands and several surprise performances! So much fun.

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