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These Legacy Sessions are so close to my heart! If you have followed me on Instagram for any length of time, you saw my Insta-Story about  how my sisters birthday was just last week. If you know the story of my sister, she was tragically killed in a car accident many years ago and she’s really the entire reason I got into photography to begin with.  I realized  how important it was to document your family because when it’s too late, it’s a horrible feeling of regret. I set out to give other families what I wished I had had….more photos of their families-but more specifically, photos that you could pass on to future generations-I call them the legacy sessions. After each session, clients choose the images they want included into an heirloom leather album.

Ironically, I shot this session on my sister’s birthday….it occurred to me that day that my life had literally come full circle. I’m documenting someone’s family on my sisters birthday-the person that set me out on this journey to begin with. It was a pretty amazing feeling. These sessions are simple….I like them that way. I  usually shoot them in studio however I would LOOOOOVE to photograph these sessions in people homes…the homes they grew up in and has been in their family for generations.

Meet Great-Grandma Judy, Grandma Tammie, Mom Heather and daughters Mackenzie and Taylor. They are an amazing group of ladies and they reminded me of my own family in so many ways.


Mackenzie and Taylor…..I’m not sure you will ever know just how much you are loved! <3Look at these gorgeous ladies.All 4 Generations.Grandma Tammie reading them a book….it’s one of their favorite things to do together.I love seeing families come from such strong women! <3 I can’t even handle how much a ham she is! Great Grandma Judy is gorgeous!! Thank you ladies so much for spending the morning with me on such an important day. Being able to photograph your family was such a blessing for me!

If you’re reading this and your family has 3 or more generations and you’d like to document your family…please reach out-I would be honored to photograph you! <3

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