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Family Portraits in a Vintage Truck in the Rain |  Indiana Pennsylvania Family Photographer


We had already rescheduled once and since they were coming from over an hour and half away, we decided to go with it regardless that the sky looked a little iffy. We got most of the shoot in before the sky started dropping. That’s when we ended up under the covered bridge, twirling, jumping and giggling with the head lights of the 1965 Chevy! It was pretty awesome if you ask me …and the kids had a grand’ol time!

This is the Hopkin’s family!

family photos with vintage red truck

Hey Mom, tell us a little big about the kiddos! 

“My daughter is in ballet and just started cheer.  My son loves animals, power wheels, playing catch, playing chase, toy cars and his older sissy” – Trish


family photos with vintage red truck


Brag a little about your family!!

“My son has gorgeous eyelashes , my daughter learned how to swim, count  to 100 and do a cartwheel this summer,  my son is more coordinated than his mama and my husband loves to read and learn and watch tv ? We love Friends, the office and Harry Potter. Dorks! “- Trish

family photos with vintage red truck

What do your kiddos want to be when they grow up?

“My daughter wants to be a doctor, no a blanket maker or a ballerina teacher! My son a veterinarian ( probably) hah” – Trish

family photos with vintage red truck


family, ice cream, swimming, water parks

family photos with vintage red truckI love this hot!! It’s one of my favorites!! <3

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