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Did we just become best friends?!

Have you ever had one of those “Did we just become best friends?” moments? You just click with someone and you know that you’re going to share SO many belly laughs in the future?!  Well, that’s exactly what happened when we met at a girls night sitting at the table across from each other sharing a few drinks. Since then, we’ve had so many adventures, girls nights and laugh-until–your- muscles- hurt moments, hilarious group messages and I’m so lucky to have met her and look forward to getting into MANY MORE shenanigans with her and my other gals in 2019! LOOK OUT Bad Mom’s on the Loose! haha!

We ended up with a 60 degree day in the beginning of December-in Pennsylvania this isn’t uncommon to have spring, fall and winter all in one week! hahaha! It definitely felt like a spring day BUT I pulled out a few tricks and we made it snow for some shots! I’m a little biased….but I’m in love with the images! Hubby Chris was a great sport and even tried to hog the spotlight a few times (as you’ll see below!) Let’s just say….he can work a mean pole! AHAHA!


…..because she’s a hot mama!


….and a few outtakes for your viewing pleasure! haha! Get it Chris!