rustic fall wedding at stahlstown, pa wedding venue

Do you know she initially didn’t think she wanted a photographer! I know right! She mentioned in her first email to me that she was considering one even though she didn’t think she needed or wanted one. So in true Jen McKen fashion, after she did talk her self off the ledge and hired me, I made it my mission to make her regret NOT wanting her day documented!

I was able to capture so many beautiful memories for her and it makes me sad to think they may never have been documented! When she filled out my online form answering the question “Tell me something fun about yourself” with…. “My favorite thing in this entire planet is to make people smile, so I try to be easy going, silly, and awesome everyday.” I was all…YAS GIRL YAS!!! And from that moment, I knew we’d be friends!! <3

She described her wedding Style as: Rustic, Fun and Relaxed ..and she lived up to every single one of them!

My favorite photo has to be the one below where she’s twirling her dress. I think it’s because I knew she was having fun (if the smile on her face doesn’t give it away) but I could tell that she “felt” like a bride and she “felt” beautiful! <3

Find out more about Renee + Josh below including how they met and all about their proposal!

I was on a blind date with another guy and he was a total JERK. There was a girl sitting next to me and when he got up to go to the bathroom, she told me to run for the hills! He was hitting on another girl when I got up, and just acting like a total fool. Her and I started laughing and talking about how bad this date was and she said “you know, my boyfriend has a single brother and I think you two would be so cute together.” I laughed it off, and we exchanged phone numbers. She called me a week later and invited me over to a party they were having. This is when I met Josh and the rest is history! AND she is the maid of honor in our wedding!


His smile and his cheeks! I just wanted to squeeze them!

He said: Her smile and bubbly personality


We just bought a new house that had a TON of problems we didn’t know about. We weren’t able to move in right away, but the first night in our home (which was rough…we only had 1 working toilet in the basement at this time) he proposed. It was so perfect and totally unexpected!


He said I love you first! We were having a fun weekend in Pittsburgh and he had some liquid courage… but I said it right back!

Just three?! Okay, I would say he sooo sweet/kindest-heart, (that counts as one!) funny, and wayyyy cute!

He said: Beautiful, Hardworking, and thoughtful


I love this image of Renee and her Dad before heading off to the chapel!


He’s my best friend…the best guy I know. Seriously.

Tell me 3 things that each of you could NOT live without.

Each other, our families and pizza! (True story)


I just love your style of photography. You really capture the moment and after talking with you….well, e mailing you… you have such a beautiful personality, I knew you would be perfect. I feel like I can talk to you and tell you want I’m thinking and I just love it! I don’t think we could find a person more perfect to shoot our amazing day!