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Fall Wedding Ceremony in Dubois, PA

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They met at a local bar in Kait’s hometown.  Ironically, many years ago the brides parents also met at the same bar! Both meeting stories follow a similar story line of the guy initially showing interest and the girl turning him down! But with them it was because Josh has a yearly tradition of growing a beard and then shaving it into a handlebar mustache for a day – the day they met just happened to be that day, and Kait did not find that mustache appealing! A few weeks later at wing night at the very same bar he came over to apologize for the earlier encounter but this time with a cleanly shaved face, a few weeks after that they went on a first date and now here we are!”

As you’ll see in the images below, he showed up at the alter with a clean shaven face! haha!

First United Presbyterian Church , Dubois Pennsylvania Wedding

I love the story about this ring! Her Grandfather found it along side the road YEARSSSSS ago! He gave it to his wife and it’s been in the family since. Kait’s Grandma gave it to her when she was in college and wore it as her something old. Also-I’m in LOVE with the vintage ring box!



I’m obsessed with the back of Kait’s dress! I also secretly love when dresses have a million buttons because it gives me more time to get extra shots! haha!


I am an observer. I know that Mom was fighting back the tears. I know this because she began blinking and looking away and playing with her fingers. These are the moments that matter. Remember, anyone can take a photo of what you look like, but can they take a photo to help you remember what it FELT like! <3



Gosh, she’s gorgeous!!



Grandma getting a glimpse of the bride for the first time! <3


I love everything about it!



Grandma’s hands! Oh the story these hands could tell!



A little mother/daughter moment! <3


A few fun veil shots before heading off to the church to get married!!



No mustaches in sight! haha!



This melts my heart.




…here comes the bride….


I loved all the lines ! But serious question….WHY do all churches have the weirdest colored carpets?


They were married by a good friend. She made a comment about the mustache in this image! haha!





Josh has such a fantastic sense of humor! I have no doubt their lives will be filled with laughter!




The official Bride and Groom Photo!! The smiles say it all!



Get YO SELF a ring bearer that takes his jobs seriously! He had one job…he nailed it! hahaha!




Guests rang cow bells as they made their way out of the church. Cow bells reminds the Bride of her later Grandma so they had everyone ring them in her memory!



TA DA!!!


Stay tuned for part 2 of their wedding day!!!

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