Fall Family Photos with a Toddler

By October 2, 2019 No Comments


I know families of small children can relate…. I’d say there’s a few years when having a toddler (I know because I have one) that feel “frustrating” as a parent- especially on photo day! I get it…you want them to sit in one spot, smiling at the camera with every piece of strand in the perfect place. I’m here to burst your bubble….that’s not how it works…that’s not how ANY OF THIS works!

I say, let them be kids! I’d rather have real laughs, real giggles than a forced smile just so everyone has eye contact with my lens! Isn’t it how you want to remember them anyways?!

This is little Miss Abigail and her Mom and Dad whom I’ve been photographing since way before she was even born! I wonder how fast she’ll be next year! HAHAHA!


We have a runner!!

This is just like that game in elementary school with the parachute… was my FAVORITE gym day!!

Look at that hair! haha!


Be free little one….be free!! hahaha!


I can’t even handle her!!