Metallic Rose Gold Leather Album | Family Heirlooms

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Imagine 30 years from now someone asks to see your family photos from when your kids were younger. You run to the drawer where your CD, USB or (taking it way back) your Floppy Disc is located and you realize that there’s no real way to SEE the images. Technology has changed and you have no where to plug it in to view them. Sure, you have the digital version but there is no physical product to hold on to!

One of the things I hear often is that clients don’t have a ton of wall space to display large prints or canvases. They have so many favorites from their session but they can’t possibly display them all up on the walls. Albums are a perfect solution to that. Not only are you creating a family heirloom,  you’ll have a physical product to show someone 30 years from now.  You can hold it, run your hands across the pages and it tells a story! AND…they are beautiful!

You can learn more about the album design process here. No surprises here- you get to approve your album before it gets sent to press. My favorite part is seeing which cover option clients choose!

This particular album is “metallic rose gold leather” and it’s so so so beautiful in person!

If you’ve had a session in the past and you want to create an album, get in touch! We can start the process to get this into your hands! I can’t wait to see which cover YOU choose!


Creating Family Heirlooms

Product Details
  • Available Sizes
    5×5, 6×9, 9×6, 8×8, 8×10, 10×8, 8×12, 12×8, 10×10, 12×12,
  • Page Count
    5 spread minimum to 50 spread maximum for thin pages and 5 spread minimum to 25 spread maximum for thick pages (1 spread = 2 sides); add spreads in increments of 1
  • Page Thickness
    Thin or Thick pages on all paper types; thin pages are mounted flush to a 1/32″ board; thick pages are mounted flush to a 1/16″ board
  • Corners
    Square or Rounded (Rounded available on photographic paper only)
  • End Leaf Options
    Flat Black and White art paper




I can’t wait to create one for you!!