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Fun Fact:  She wasn’t even supposed to originally be in them. This session was originally supposed to be just for the girls! She wanted some updated photos of them since her oldest had just gotten her braces off and the youngest was about to get hers. But as Alissa (Mom) and I chatted on the phone, I told her how important it was to be *IN* the photos for the girls! She obliged and we were able to get everyone in on a some of them! I think they turned out so beautifully and they are going to look even more amazing on the walls. They’ll be such an amazing focal point in the room!



Canvas Collections | Wall Art

She decided on a 9 pieces canvas collection of BIG canvases to show them off on the wall!  We worked together to come up with the best combination…check out our mockup and final option! In this particular example, she ordered three 20×20, three 10×20 and three 10×10 canvases for a total of 9 pieces! This is going to look so beautiful next to her wedding canvas collection!



On a whole other note: aren’t teens supposed to go thru the “awkward stage”…I feel like it’s a right of passage! This jumping right into the gorgeous stage just isn’t fair!