John & Nicole-Engagement

By August 21, 2009 2 Comments

                I spent this evening with the most lovely couple-whom now I feel like I’ve known forever! I traveled down to Pittsburgh to photograph their engagement portraits in the Cathedral of Learning—-it’s beautiful! I remember going once or twice when I was much younger for a field trip or two so it’s been a while since I had ventured that way. Although the Nationality Rooms were locked up for the day, we had soo many cool places to shoot. I had a field day in there….yeah, it doesn’t take much to get me excited 🙂 I knew from the initial “talk/email” with Nicole that these were going to be pretty Kick A** photos. We were going for a dramatic look (and a few fun ones)….and I have to say, I THINK we nailed it!

            John and Nicole, thanks a bunch for being patient with me while I was stuck in traffic, for the company at dinner and for being AMAZING clients! I can’t WAIT to shoot the wedding in 2010!

             Enjoy the sneak peek—-WORD! LOL



……..with a little extra added grain-per Nicole’s request 😉



…….. no animals or humans were harmed during the posting of this blog…. tee he he



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