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By August 16, 2009 5 Comments

            I walked in and took one look at Tiffany and said, “Man, I feel like I haven’t seen you in 10 years!”……but then I paused for a minute and said, “Wait, I HAVEN’T seen you in 10 years!”. Tiffany and I went to high school together and graduated the same year. As life happens and people get busy with living their adult lives-10 years passes by in a blink of an eye. I have so many funny memories of us from back in the day….especially the sleep over at her house when all of us girls slept in the camper in the back yard (Tiff do you remember that?) Tee he he…..

                   Anyway, the both of them met while attending tractor pulls so it was only fitting that the entire wedding revolved around the big red shiny machines with the huge black tires. It was so cute, the ring bearers and flower girls rode down in a miniature red tractor pulling a wagon, the cake topper had a red tractor and the get-a-way ride……..yeah that was a tractor!   I hope you enjoy the sneak peek while I’m working on the rest…………….

                Oh and PS: I think your tractors sexy!!! LOL Tee he he



  • Maria says:

    Those are so nice but that was such a tease so hurry up with the rest LOL.

  • Carol Jackson says:

    Jen this is Tiffs mom i do remember that night you guys stayed in the back yard even if Tiff didn’t. I remember telling you guys to be quite and go to bed because it was very late but I’m glad you guys had that moment in time to reminisce about. It makes it even more special that you knowing Tiffany, was able to capture the special moments of the day that Gary and i have been waiting for, for a long time. We both can’t wait to see more or your special talent.

  • Lisa Karlin says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations and wish you both nothing but the best. WOW it doesn’t seem like we have be out of school almost 10 years. Wonderful job again Jenn. Tiffany e mail me i would love to catch up i miss you and wish we were still in school so we would at least be in touch lol

  • Tiffany Davis says:

    The pictures turned out AMAZING!!!I can’t wait to see the rest. You were great and everyone loved you

  • Aunt Dianna says:

    Tiffany and Ron,
    Your wedding day was absolutely beautiful from beginning to the end. You both look like you are head over hills in love. I am so glad that the tractor pulls pulled you together. Congratulations and Best Wishes.

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