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Ricky Bobby….. LOL

By August 27, 2009 2 Comments

         Meet Paul….a.k.a. Ricky Bobby!! Just kidding….actually, he looks way more like Elijah Wood than anyone else! Paul and I hung out this evening for his fireman calendar shoot—just joking AGAIN!!….for some portraits that mom wanted taken before he heads off to the military soon. He was such a good sport AND happy I’m sure that it wasn’t anything like the Sears Portrait session he was thinking it would be. I get to do his sisters Sr. Portraits  this Sunday so hopefully I didn’t scare you guys away today…tee he he. We made up some words, got attacked by the Ga-Nats, and had a few laughs. As promised, here’s your sneak peek…..for shizzle!! LOL


                      I’ll shoot you guys an email when the rest are finished 😉


  • jen says:

    Jen! my first thought was “this guy looks like elijah wood!” he he …and the gnats are crazy this year! i think they’re out to get us!

  • Allie O says:

    Wow- he has gorgeous eyes! Great job catching the light in them! And it sounds like you’re a fun photographer to work with. 🙂

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