Brittany-Class of 2010

By September 1, 2009 One Comment

                 Dear older lady walking in Blue Spruce this evening,

                 I apologize , I did not mean to call YOU a crazy lady, rather it was myself I was calling crazy!!! We both got a good chuckle out of it though…. I do weird things when I’m shooting…it’s just how I roll, so while I tore off a flower and tried to hold it up to make it seem like it was in the foreground I made a comment to Brittany something like this, “You’re probably thinking, WHAT IS THIS CRAZY WOMAN DOING!!??” (meaning myself) but just as I said it, (pretty loud) an older lady walks by and I SWEAR it was just a coincidence!!!  Tee he he.

                  When I arrived at Brittany’s house, her mom assured me she was photogenic. I always take this with a grain of salt because in the eyes of every mother their child is photogentic….well, in this case, MAMMA knew what she was talking about. Brittany had the biggest smile and  a down to earth personality. We were going for more of an outdoor/nature inspired shoot since the urban style was just not her… here ya go Brit, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek 🙂



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