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It’s that time again…..

By September 2, 2009 One Comment

………for the Indiana County Fair!

                  I’ve never been the type of person to go all googly eyed over anyone famous and although I’ve photographed a lot of “famous people” over the years, I never understood the whole “crying, screaming and all of that other ruckus” I however enjoy photographing them-it’s just something about the lights, the colors and the energy that always seems to be going on at the time. THIS year, I decided to forgo all of that and simply spend some family time. I could still hear the music from the grand stands and there was something so relaxing just watching Mallory get soo excited over riding a simple lil’fair ride AND the lines were a bit shorter since everyone and their mother was at the concert (except the ignorant lady who insisted on smoking her cigarette in the line for the kiddy rides-but that’s a whole other story).

              I actually didn’t even take a whole lot of photos while I was there today-surprising I know, so I decided to post a few from this year and a few from last year……


…..Look Mom, I can whistle!!



…….the proof it exsists…..

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Just as a side note, if you are interested in sharing your fair photos, you can e-mail, picture message or send a link of your own 2009 and past Indiana County Fair pictures! Random ones will be placed in facebook picture albums. Afterwards, tag yourself and/or people that you know in them! Send your photos or link to Please specify what year your photos are from. Links to the albums are below. Become a fan by visiting *here*



One Comment

  • melanie says:

    jen , i check the photographs everytime im logged in …
    anyways love the lemonade stand probably because its
    yellow like sunshine hahaha

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